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Why Choose Us?

This Is Why We Are The Safest Choice For Your Job

  • The most important attribute of my company is honesty. I will be honest with you even if it is to my disadvantage. I feel your acknowledgement of being treated honestly and the loyalty that comes with it is more important than a few bucks and a bad opinion of my company.
  • We do not collect large monetary deposits up front in order to avoid financial risk on your part. (Exceptions are special order products such as windows. The suppliers require payment at the time of the order.)
  • We provide you with insurance certificates upon request. If someone gets hurt it is our problem, not yours.
  • We provide a written warranty on our work.
  • Our prices do not change, what is on the contract is what the job will cost.
  • We will arrive with a safe, competent, crew focused on getting your job done right
  • You will be treated in an honest and professional manner with no surprises.

Many of our past customers have enjoyed peace of mind while we performed their home improvement project and so will you. Thank you for considering us.